Rise of Ancients

The Story
How Far You've Come

1. The Dragon and the Deal
In the world of Ixone, the time honored tradition of Adventuring comes to an end, to be replaced by the efforts of the International Security Bureau (ISB) . A lottery is held to see who will hold the honor of taking Ixones last Quest, a lottery won by our intrepid adventurers. Their goal: find and eliminate the Adult Black Dragon, Geyaghl, who is believed to be gathering arcane knowledge to transform into a Dracolitch Traveling with a medical caravan to the nearby village, the party sets out for the dragons lair. Briefly stopping to negotiate with the nearby kobolds who worship the drake, the party makes their way into the lair to make a shocking discovery: the dragon, who turns out to not be evil as most Chromatic Dragons, is seeking arcane knowledge to research a piece of meteorite which transformed him into his current good-aligned state. After reaching an agreement with the dragon, the ever-curious party Wizard, Eric Vimes, took a piece of meteorite with him for research. Not long after leaving with a piece of the supposedly inert metorite and a run in with the caravans paladin, Odessa Agios, the fragment ruptured, with the party affected in some way. They then made their way back to be city of Valta

2. Trials and Allies As our party returns to the city, ready to finally participate in the raucous party the rest of Ixone’s adventurers are having, a foul event unfolds. Before their very eyes a hole opens in the sky, raining fire and lightning down on the Adventurers Hall. The party rushes in to aid survivors, and have just enough time to take in the devastation before being arrested for the even by the City Guard. Given a private trial with no chane of defense, it is quickly made obvious to the party that someone wants them killed for this. The night before their execution, a small goblin appears and offers them escape. They take it, and after a short time unconscious awaken back in their cells, now with a new interrogator and afflicted by a Zone of Truth. The party’s assassin, Jacob, eventually decides the interrogator as Lorn MacCannock, a famous adventurer who has retired to stay with his family and Brewery. Confirming the party’s innocence, he frees them to meet the rest of the MacCannock family. A terse dinner follows as the party decides where to go to clear their name, currently being spread as that of the worst terrorists Ixone has ever known. Given a town name and a captain by Lorn, the party makes their way to the ocean

3. Fleeing the Scene

Given directions and suplies by the MacCannock family, the party makes their way to a nearby port to make passage on a smugglers ship, captained by the Lizardman Papa Blackjaw. Fighting their way through an invading force of Minotaur slavers, they reach the ship and make passage for a small port a few days south from the tiefling city of Pandaem

4. Pandaem

Arriving in the city outskirts, the party makes a shady deal with a local crime boss to gain easy entrance to the city. Carrying a message through customs to the local High Councilman, the party finds a in and spends time collecting themselves after their whirlwind of events. They learn quickly of a Gala to be held due to the cities recent business deals with the ISB, and decides to infiltrate the Gala. Agreeing to perform some pest control in exchange for positions on the waitstaff, the party goes into the sewers below the city. Quickly discovering much more than simple rats, the party fights their way through a dragon cult and hydra before finallt taking the battle to the beast core to the cults plan: an Ancient Linnorm. A fight ensues, and the party emerges with a hard fought victory. A few days of planning ensue, and on a nightime excursion the party’s monk Kaya meets a pair of young former adventurers, Tsavo and Adam Oppenheimer

5. A List, a Priest, and a Sniper


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